Current State Analysis

As part of the Current State Analysis the service descriptions, quantities and service qualities will be determined in an on-site workshop with LEXTA consultants and recorded with standardised questionnaires in a range of comprehensive items.

In addition, specifics regarding the contract, technology and customer concerns, as well as security requirements will be identified and checked for plausibility of scale.

Manufacturing Comparisons

Any deviations from the market of the company to be benchmarked will be rated with transparent and reproducible premiums or discounts as part of the normalisation process. The information needed for normalisation is based on previous benchmarks and reflects market values, which allows an objective data normalisation to take place.

As a minimum, comparison companies are selected based on their quantity framework, service levels and safety requirements. Additional criteria like industry focus, geographical location and service relationships can be negotiated.

Quantitative and qualitative comparisons

For the quantitative benchmark the cost or prices for individual services are compared with the data of the comparison company. In addition, relevant indicators and triggers are identified within the framework of the qualitative benchmark per IT-service and shown based on the service analysis and the results of the quantitative benchmark. This is how the triggers indicate individual action opportunities for reaching competitive costs or prices. The indicators and triggers are identified for individual service components (hardware, software, human resources strengths) as well as for structures, processes, procurements, etc. in the IT area.