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Smart Data

Big Data is now much more than a buzzword. Today, companies use smart data services to generate strategic competitive advantages. Data that had previously only generated IT costs without benefits is now aggregated with other information to create new webs of meaning.

The market now offers ‘everything as a service’, based on smart data and analytics. IT managers now need to decide whether to deploy tailor-made or ready-made products to the trading floor, the machine room, the warehouse, the production unit and the showroom.

LEXTA provides guidance for this orientation, guaranteeing that smart data will make a real impact within your enterprise.

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The IT experts from Lexta…

  • work with you to develop a smart data strategy
  • help business users and IT to draw up a use case portfolio)
  • sketch out your future range of services (platform operation or data science))
  • are your sparring partners for sourcing models
  • provide assistance for your organisational setup
  • explain the positioning adopted by other companies

We are also happy to offer workshops where we work together to identify the digitalisation options for your business in the field of smart data.