Mobile Computing

Mobile computing is not really a new consulting product and has found its market in the course of digitalisation initiatives. But it’s also not ‘old wines in new bottles’, because mobile computing is characterised by an extremely high rate of change of products and services and the constant calls for new technology and processes from the market end users reach the IT of the companies with full force. In short, the internal customers who use the infrastructure provided by the company, relate demands that are rooted in their private life to their employer. These are often faced with the task of filtering out sensible innovations from the huge number of requirements and implementing them in an agile and efficient manner – while largely avoiding non-value-added discourses pro manufacturer A and contra manufacturer B. In addition, mobile computing now offers the possibility of providing even previously unconsidered areas of the company with mobile infrastructure. In this respect, mobile computing deserves to stand alongside the traditional approaches to workstation systems on an equal footing.

Since its inception, LEXTA has been advisory to numerous clients around the topic of mobile computing – from benchmarking and sourcing to designing a suitable governance model. Of course, the experts at LEXTA are also ready when it comes to the creation of a suitable strategy, or if you want to be inspired by the “user experience” (experience of use) of other companies as well as if a suitable architecture for your company should be found whereas the consulting doesn’t end with the drafting of a theoretical concept – LEXTA can also accompany and help in the transition and transformation phases, in order to actually implement the concepts.