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Creating mobile infrastructures for your company

Mobile computing: creating mobile infrastructure

While not an essentially new consulting product, mobile computing has found a market for itself in the course of digitalisation initiatives. But it’s not a case of ‘old wine in new bottles’, however.
Mobile computing typically features an extremely high rate of change for products and services that, driven by the constant demand for new technologies, applications and processes from the consumer market, has now arrived with a vengeance at the doors of the company IT department. In a nutshell, the internal customers who use the infrastructure provided by the company are now making the same demands from their employer as they are familiar with in their home environments. These employers often face the task of filtering out sensible innovations from the huge volume of demands made, and implementing them in an agile and efficient manner – while largely avoiding unprofitable debates pro and contra manufacturer A versus manufacturer B.

Furthermore, mobile computing is now also offering the chance to supply mobile infrastructure to parts of the company not previously considered in this context. In this respect, mobile computing deserves to be placed on an equal footing with conventional solutions for workstation systems.

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Since its earliest days, LEXTA has offered advice and assistance to many clients on the topic of mobile computing – from benchmarking and sourcing to designing a suitable governance model.

LEXTA’s experts are naturally also on hand when you need to develop a matching strategy, are looking to be inspired by the user experience enjoyed by other companies or need to identify the corresponding architecture for your enterprise. Nor do our consulting services stop at the conceptual model or strategy: LEXTA is there to support the transition and transformation phases needed to actually implement these ideas.

We are also happy to offer workshops where we work together to identify the digitalisation options for your business in the field of mobile computing.