The progressive digitalisation of companies, including their big data, Industry 4.0 or Cognitive Computing Trends, are inextricably linked to the topic of cloud computing. Constant networking, transparent measurement and automation mechanisms are the basic features of cloud computing which together are the basis for the intelligent networking of computer-aided systems to optimise all value-adding fields in the company.

Since 2013, LEXTA has been successfully helping companies identify and focus their opportunities with cloud computing, while considering the associated risks. With the experience from various cloud projects, the core products of cloud computing focus on four main areas, which are Cloud Strategy, Cloud Readiness, Cloud Benchmarking as well as Cloud Sourcing.

LEXTA can offer:

  • Development of a Cloud Strategy including, amongst others, the identification of the fields of action, derivation of guidelines and measures for the implementation of the Cloud Goals.
  • Coordination of relevant and individual Cloud Readiness criteria for the Cloud Deployment, based on a list of criteria and the creation of a decision-making support for possibly suitable Cloud Models.
  • Investigation of the IT-Services which are to be relocated with regards to their suitability for the Cloud in terms of technological, organisational, economic and legal aspects.
  • Examination of the IT Organisation with regards to its level of maturity for using or offering Cloud Services.
  • Benchmarking of Cloud Services and their costs in various Cloud Alternatives (Business Case) and the derivation of anomalies and the possible need for action
  • Support in the Sourcing of Cloud-capable IT-Services incl. standard service orders of potential Cloud Provider, recommendation for the selection of potential Providers as well as the Assistance of the Cloud Sourcing Project.

Since 2017, LEXTA is listed in the Trusted Cloud Directory of the competence network Trusted Cloud e.V. (registered association) as a trustworthy service provider for Cloud Consulting and therefore stands for transparency and quality.