Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is finding its way into all areas of the company where special cognitive requirements are placed on information systems.

The cognitive abilities of AI solutions exceed the limitations of classical software, which in principle are based only on complicated IF-THEN-ELSE instructions. The paradigm of AI is to answer the question “What would a human being do?”

Where ever AI answers convincingly, classic software development becomes obsolete. In the next step, costs can be reduced in processes with high cognitive demands.

These requirements include

  • Interactivity: Convenient interaction with users
  • Interactivity: Dialogue ability and specification of goals and problems
  • Adaptability: Learning ability in a changed environment
  • Contextuality: Understanding for the real and virtual environment of a situation


  • Provides orientation in the fields of applications of AI
  • Supports the development and evaluation of strategically sensible scenarios for the interface between business processes and IT
  • Conceptualises the organisational or procedural realignment
  • Conceptualises the organisational or procedural realignment
  • Explains how AI is successfully positioned in other companies and shows how costs can be saved