LEXTA supports your digitalisation process

Digitalisation is now an important part of almost every company, and will become even more so in terms of strategic repositioning over the next few years. As everyone knows, digitalisation is needed in order to stay abreast of the competition. Most companies are already in the middle of their digital transformation or at least at the planning stage. Digitalisation is the new industrial revolution that we all have to deal with. While it has brought sweeping changes, the ‘devil is often in the details’, so to speak.

However, the facts are clear enough:

  • Digitalisation is an important and omnipresent factor for every company.
  • If you don’t digitalise, you’ll be left behind.
  • Digitalisation also offers a great many advantages.
  • Digitalisation is something that has to be tackled by your business.

To ensure you can keep an eye on the bigger picture, despite the wealth of (at times confusing) information available, LEXTA provides you with advice and assistance for all of your digitalisation decision-making.

Together, we tackle the core issues for your company and develop a strategic position that ensures long-term competitiveness. This includes answering the following questions: How should your business model be adapted to customer and user behaviour? How can you develop an innovation-friendly company culture? How will your company best benefit from specific aspects of digitalisation? While every company faces a unique set of challenges, outside expertise can uncover new perspectives and help you make objective decisions.

The main focus is on IT. As its role changes, IT is no longer merely a service provider but is now increasingly a technological adviser: from simple IT support to sophisticated IT consulting. To provide a stable basis for innovation and change, internal processes need to be agile and flexible. And who really knows what requirements will be in five years? This is why the new core competency your business needs is rapid adaptation – in order to keep pace with the rapid developments of our times.

Disruptive technological trends like IoT, IA, Smart Data or blockchain are bound to revolutionise entire business models. Big Data needs efficient processes, while internal workflows have to be automated to create space for new developments. This space will soon be needed to initiate changes to organisational structures.


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Mobile Computing

Smart Data


We offer support in conceptualising and implementing solutions and models

Internet of Things

Artificial Inteligence


LEXTA offers assistance for all important topics of the future. From IoT to AI and Smart Data, Mobile Computing and Blockchain, we support you with the specific requirements for your company. We analyse whether your current structure meets the requirements and how adaptations can be implemented in order to gain more efficiency, time and transparency. We examine both technical and organisational change processes and set priorities to gain the optimum benefit that can be achieved through digitalisation.

We act as flexible and active creator of the digital transformation with the goal of reducing complexity and cost through inter-divisional pro-active cooperation.

We are also happy to offer workshops where we work together to identify the options and potential for your business in relation to digitalisation.