We are not capable of doing everything, but the things we start we are doing right and based on valuable experiences.

Since 2003, LEXTA has made a mark as a consultancy for strategic IT management in the German and international market. Our customers are both medium-sized enterprises as well as listed companies.

Here LEXTA maintains an important balance: we know the market standards and best practices and introduce these to our customers as templates and procedures. At the same time, we don’t see consulting as “one size fits all”. No template is generic enough to be used with a clear conscience in every situation and no two companies are alike. We take the time to understand our customers’ business, to know the relevant conditions and bear all stakeholders in mind. We know the industry specifics, current applications, not to mention prices and costs.

Our consulting doesn’t stop at classic IT benchmarking and infrastructure. Today, IT sourcing also means understanding current cloud providers. IT benchmarking has to consider brand new pricing models by service providers. IT governance for smart data projects is completely different and a consistent block chain strategy requires technological know how and a fresh approach. LEXTA offers all this.