While we don’t do everything, we excel at what we do, and do so based on our wealth of domain experience.

LEXTA Part of Accenture focuses on the areas of IT benchmarking and IT sourcing as well as other products from classic IT and from the area of digitization – our core competencies.

Since 2003, our consultants have worked with companies of all sizes and in every industry sector from our offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Zurich. We also maintain a network of international partners. With over 75 consultants working for us, we offer made-to-measure services in nine separate fields of traditional IT. Our expert consultants draw on their long experience to support our clients in the design and implementation of highly standardised solutions tailored to their markets. Our client base features customers from both the public and private sectors.

After analysing the performance, cost and quality of your business processes, and comparing these to the market, we can then make recommendations for action based on best practices. This enables us to offer you made-to-measure solutions, whatever your industry or size of business.