Brexit Revisited – by Elesh Khakhar

Are your IT outsourcing arrangements ready for Brexit? How do you prepare your sourcing arrangements for Brexit?

It’s over a year since the decision and as with any major change you can’t wait until you have all the pieces to be able to prepare. To quote from Mark Sanborn “Your success in life isn’t based on your ability to simply change. It is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, customers and business”.

This article will provide questions and answers to help you at least keep up and maybe even do better than the competition.


  • Are all your contracts up-to-date and easily accessible? Are you clear about all the obligations, spanning performance, operational and compliance? Are they managed?
  • Do you understand the key levers in your agreements that can be leveraged to help with major change and provide you with the negotiations leverage if you need it?
  • Are you getting what you have paid for (not just the SLAs) and can any gaps be leveraged to deliver on the changes you will need as a result of Brexit?
  • Ensure you clear the decks of the backlog of issues and disagreements that can get in the way of effective collaboration (consider seeking assistance from a Mediator or Advisor to accelerate this)
  • Do you have a view of the likely changes to your contracts and services? The Rumsfeld questions (known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns) e.g. cost pressures, business continuity, compliance etc.
  • Is an adequate and clear process in place to provide an agile response for areas of change, compromise and collaboration with your service providers?

Contract and commercial managers responsible for critical outsourcing arrangements can prepare for this unfolding business environment to respond in an agile manner as well as creating a solid base with key service providers for responding to complex changes that are difficult to predict. It will be much harder to do things alone, but service providers will have limited capacity to help so the more prepared you are the more likely you will get attention.

Here are some considerations for activities that can be initiated irrespective of the eventual plans for Brexit (these actions are also good practice in maintaining effective outsourcing governance and will be a great basis for helping your other business priorities like Agile, IoT, Digital etc.).

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