LEXTA – Your consultant in strategic IT management. Alongside our core competency of IT benchmarking we have continuously developed in other areas and expanded on them.

IT Benchmarking

IT Benchmarking

LEXTA’s core competency is IT benchmarking. We have conducted over 600 IT benchmark studies in various industries.

IT benchmarking is known both as a valued as well as a dreaded instrument for assessing IT services, costs and prices. It is not always used only to uncover weaknesses of in-house operations. Hard conversion values offer concrete opportunities for optimising costs and services, as well as the IT processes and structures.

IT benchmarking provides the following:
  • Location determination for your IT
  • Learning from the best in the field
  • Optimising costs and performance
  • Statements on market conformity
  • Support for contract negotiations, evaluation of sourcing options
  • Pointing out IT trends

IT Sourcing

"Right-Sourcing" instead of simply just Outsourcing

LEXTA will be happy to support you in your upcoming IT projects as an independent sourcing partner.

Our market knowledge, flexible methodology, industry and project experience across a range of topics, as well as know-how in the form of best-practices and templates will all be instrumental in helping you achieve your sourcing objectives.

We would be happy to support you beginning with the creation of your sourcing strategy, on to monitoring the RfP process, and all the way through to getting the ratification of your optimum IT service provider.

IT service catalogue

LEXTA service catalogues are based on a best-practice service model that takes care of all IT services completely and transparently.

We are aware of market standards, stumbling blocks and keep in mind future needs while applying a modular design during the layout and delimitation of your IT services. This will allow:

Source-related IT service cost allocation
Budgeting will be simplified significantly and discussions with service recipients will be easier.

Identification of cost drivers and triggers.
Services, quality, quantity structures and costs / prices of the IT organisation will become really transparent.

Standardising the required IT services
Custom solutions are optimised in a way that makes sense for the company.

Flexible new IT services, with quick implementation
Proven modular logic and standardisation minimises extension and modification costs.

Better controllability of the IT system
Precise responsibilities for services / products will be defined and a basis for meaningful control and decisions will be created with key figures.

Preparations for IT benchmarking and customised right-sourcing
We will provide you with the customary service market averages, which will be the basis for benchmarks and right-sourcing for each service.

IT cost optimisation

We know your cost structure!

LEXTA is familiar with a number of cost structures in great detail and supports you in your individual challenges. To that end we use a number of tools (methodical and heuristic approaches) which serve to develop concrete measures of optimisation for your IT service costs.

Optimisation of costs means

  • Cutting costs
  • Cost transparency
  • Service cost allocation (price determination)


  • IT cost survey
  • Implementation of IT benchmarking
  • Creating an IT service catalogue
  • Comparison with best-practices from comparable companies
  • Optimisation of IT sourcing approaches
  • Adaptation of strategy and governance

IT Key Performance Indicators

Systematic key performance indicators

LEXTA is able to tighten your IT key performance indicators (KPIs), link them intelligently and thus turn them into an effective management tool. An elaborate IT key performance measuring system is a prerequisite for efficient IT management, as it makes it possible to:

  • Plan, steer and control company objectives
  • Better recognise potentials
  • Identify risks early
  • Provide information and document it
  • Show complex relationships and developments
  • Better plan budgets

LEXTA will help you to build up a potent IT key performance indicators system from the bottom up. We are able to use our expertise in IT benchmarking to check entire KPI systems for market norms and conventions, provide best-practice examples and have even your high-level KPIs undergo a benchmarking process to identify and evaluate problem areas.

IT governance

Templates are only the beginning of an IT structure.

Meaningful IT governance fits into the company, the management team and the company processes; otherwise it is not much more than a foreign object. It is reflected in:

  • Principles
  • Rules
  • Methods
  • Interventions

Performance controls and compliance assurance are at the core. LEXTA is here to support you!

What do you need and how much of it do you need?

LEXTA is able to contribute best-practices in each of these areas at any maturity level requested. We help to prevent trial and error and offer the guaranteed best incentives for you.

  • Evaluating efficiency
  • Key performance indicators, warning and threshold values
  • IT review, KPI report
  • Process management and – review
  • IT service catalogue and cost allocation
  • Project prioritisation
  • Value-oriented project portfolio management
  • IT strategy process
  • Budget planning
  • Risk management
  • IT security management
  • Internal control and monitoring system (ICS)
  • Data protection

IT strategy

Your IT strategy will show the way to an IT system that meets the needs of the business with a sensible balance of IT performance and cost requirements. The essential base is therefore your business strategy – and not a wish list of technologies that may currently be trendy.

LEXTA offers an IT strategy portfolio with differentiated approaches and methods to meet the various requirement profiles of our clients. In addition, we focus on the added value of IT to the core business.

We ask the right questions and develop answers and solution approaches together with our clients. This will ensure that an IT strategy will not only be concise and understandable, but also feasible.

IT security

Increasing risks, new technologies, new legal stipulations

Information security takes on ever greater importance for your company. At the same time, cost pressures demand using resources efficiently. LEXTA supports you in assessing and establishing appropriate information security levels. We focus on pragmatic solutions when fulfilling requirements and will always keep your company, your industry and the purpose of your business in mind.

IT security assessment:

  • Security benchmarking
  • Cost-benefit assessment IT security measures

Information security management:

  • Management briefing
  • Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO 27001
  • Security strategy
  • Security organisation
  • Risk assessment
  • Security documentation
  • Audits and revisions

Business continuity:

  • Business Continuity Management (BCM)
  • Alternative scenarios
  • End-to-end availability monitoring

Project management

LEXTA supports you with methodical expertise and many years of practical project management experience in the evaluation, restructuring and management of your sophisticated IT projects.

We are able to furnish interim managers so that you can bridge any temporary vacancies or to support especially demanding restructuring projects. Our consultants, in the role of the moderator, are able to ask the right questions, support as the lead negotiator if target conflicts arise, and can development answers and sustainable solution approaches together with you.


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